Don’t let your rights go up in smoke

Efforts are underway in Colorado to allow people to smoke or vape marijuana in places open to the public that could force thousands of service workers and others to breathe the hazardous chemicals in secondhand marijuana smoke. In fact, our state law does not prohibit indoor vaping. Yet an overwhelming majority of Coloradans agree that we all have the right to breathe smoke-free air.  

If more laws are weakened, we will all be at risk of breathing secondhand marijuana and tobacco vape smoke against our will. Stand with us to oppose changes that would expose our communities to secondhand smoke from any source and ensure we all retain our right to #BreatheFreeColorado.

Coloradans understand that secondhand smoke is bad for their health and bad for their family’s health.
They know that important protections are in place to keep their indoor air clean through
the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act.


Coloradans understand that allowing marijuana smoking in restaurants, bars, coffee shops and other businesses is the wrong direction for our state. They know that smoke-free air is good for the health of their families, their communities and our state’s economy.


(Polling represents a 300-person sample of Colorado voters.)

Don't let your rights go up in smoke!

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