Don’t let your rights go up in smoke

The Colorado legislature passed a law effective July 2019 that gives local communities the option to allow just about any type of business, including retail food establishments, book stores, bars, restaurants, or retail stores, to obtain a license to open an establishment where people could consume, smoke, or vape marijuana as long as the activity was not visible from outside. The law provides no restriction as to where these establishments could be located, and no specific rules on ventilation to avoid smoke traveling into adjoining homes or businesses. 

Most Coloradans agree that we all have the right to breathe smoke-free air. Will this law put us at risk of breathing the chemical emissions from any sort of smoking or vaping against our will? Stand with us to oppose local laws that would expose our communities to secondhand tobacco or marijuana smoke from any source to retain our right breathe smoke-free air in public and work spaces.

Coloradans understand that secondhand smoke is bad for their health and bad for their family’s health.
They know that important protections are in place to keep their indoor air clean through
Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act.


Coloradans understand that allowing marijuana smoking in restaurants, bars, coffee shops and other businesses is the wrong direction for our state. They know that smoke-free air is good for the health of their families, their communities and our state’s economy.


(Polling represents a 300-person sample of Colorado voters.)

Don't let your rights go up in smoke!

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